Men’s colour trend: pink




Yes, we all know it to be a girl’s colour, but don’t you think it is about time we throw away the gender stereotype about the colour pink.


Men can now embrace the colour and do it with style. Pink seems to be everywhere and widely used in collections across the fashion spectrum for men’s clothes. From jackets, shirts, ties and caps to floral and stripe prints.



Alison’s pink finds…


1. Sebago Spinnaker shoes. Versatile and comfortable, the ideal choice for everyday wear.
2. Nike Airmax Lunar running shoes. Sportish and stylish.
3. Funny Boxers. Get a giggle out of pink
4. Rock on with a panther print t-shirt.
5. Iron Fist men’s tainted crown t-shirt.
6. Marc Ecko says it loud and clear in a pink scissorskull polo.
7. Hollister hooded top. Always in fashion, never out.
8. Loving this pink bowtie.