Hot searches on bidorbuy


bootsWe know it is winter because… the number of searches for the keyword boots surpassed the number of searches for the keyword shoes on bidorbuy.

However, the most popular search terms on the site during the last 30 days have nothing to do with footwear. Nor with seasons.

Actually, boots only made it to the 14th place of the most searched on bidorbuy (shoes were 37th). Ahead were the usual suspects, popular in all seasons: iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

Mobile device-wise, the Samsung Galaxy devices (various cell phone models plus tablets) took the first place with 11,481 searches. The combined searches for iPhones and iPads (all models) were a close second at 11,030. However, if we add other Apple products (iPods and Macbooks) to the total score, the number of searches for everything-Apple rises to 12,571.

To remain with brands, Playstation was by far the most popular among the consoles, with 2950 searches. That’s well ahead of Xbox’s 1752 searches. However, these numbers may change once PS4 and Xbox One make an impact on bidorbuyers and their searches.

Among watches, generic terms like “men’s watches” and “watches” slightly outnumbered brand searches for Rolex, Tag Heuer and Breitling (in that order). Combined, watches were searched more than seven thousand times.

All models of BlackBerry have registered just a little under 7000 searches, and the newest offerings, Z10 and Q10, are slowly coming into their own vis-à-vis older models.

In purely non-brand searches, tablets as generic term lead with 3343, with laptops behind with 3001 searches.

Oh, and to right one possible wrong, we need to mention that, had we combined the searches for Marklin (954) and for Lima (524), these two terms would have recorded 1478 searches, coming well ahead of boots. (For those who do not know, Marklin and Lima are brand names of two model train manufacturers.)crossbow

Among the search terms that made it into the top 100 during the last 30 days are such diverse items as: CCTV, paintball guns, fridge, tools, Nike, bicycle, furniture, hair extensions, solar, wedding dress, guitar, golf, crossbow, and so on.