Little things make a big difference


As of about now (midday, 6 July 2010), bidorbuyers are free to make use of one more convenience on the site, courtesy of our diligent developers.

In the bad old days, when you wanted to do an advanced search, for example for sellers, you had to slide your mouse over the Advanced Search link, click on the Search for Sellers link in the drop-down menu, and then – oh! the drudgery! – click again inside the search box that opens in a new window in order to be able to type the seller’s user name.

From now on, the new window will open with the cursor already positioned in the search box, flashing invitingly:

No need for that extra click. Just go on and type the user name, or the first few letters of the user name of the seller you are looking for.

The same cursor-in-the-box functionality works when you are performing an advanced help search.

Your clicking finger will surely be grateful for this novelty. Just one more little thing that shows that bidorbuy cares for its users!