July is for the movies


Yes, we know, there is the football 2010 World Cup  – but what to do during the long winter nights once the sporting action is over?

Watch movies, of course. That is why the cold month of July is devoted to the movies and television on bidorbuy.

On the 1 of July, there were exactly 42,188 listings in this category. The overwhelming majority, 41,749, was in the DVD and Blu-ray subcategory. Memorabilia housed 249 listings, and the VHS section only 188.

During the past seven days, the best sellers in the most numerous subcategory, DVD and Blu-ray, were television shows and series; exactly 40 of them changed hands. It seems when we can never get enough of television; even when there is nothing (worth watching) on, we watch old programmes…

The second place was taken by the uncategorised DVDs, of which 33 were sold. Other DVDs (33). Drama came third with 30 items sold. Children and family titles befittingly shared the fourth place with comedy: 25 DVD or Bly-ray dices were sold in each of those two genres.

Fifth place was also a tie, with action and adventure recording the sale of 22 titles, which is exactly how many was sold in the sci-fi and fantasy section too.

Among those that actually recorded a sale, the least favourite genres among bidorbuyers, at least during the past 7 days, were mystery and suspense and concert and music DVDs: only one was sold in each subcategory. Second-least favourite were romance and – surprisingly – sports, with only two sales each. Could it be because sport fans had enough action on their TVs?