Another day, another small leap on bidorbuy


You know how you can tell a friend about something you spotted on bidorbuy.

What, you don not?! Well, now you do. You simply click on Tell a friend button on the listing you think your friend would like to see:

Until the day before yesterday, the system allowed you to enter the friend’s email address, your email address, and that was it. You were denied the possibility of adding a word or two from your side to explain why you decided to draw your friend’s attention to that particular item.

With potentially dire consequences.

On 5 July at 22:36 bidorbuy user lawrencerd posted a comment on our Forum, asking to be allowed to add a couple of words when recommending an item to someone: I once shuddered when sending my friend, an art lover, a Tell a friend featuring the most frightening reproduction of Mona Lisa, valued at R1000.

Fortunately for lawrencerd, the friend got the drift of the message (ironic!), and lawrencerd’s reputation did not suffer as a consequence of clicking on the Tell a friend button.

But that was a close escape!

You need not fear any more that you will be misunderstood when telling a friend about an item spotted on bidorbuy. Nor will you need to send a separate email message to that friend afterwards, explaining why exactly you decided to alert them to something you saw on bidorbuy.

As of yesterday morning, less than a day after lawrencerd started the Tell a friend tread on the bidorbuy Forum, bidorbuy developers added a text box to the button in question. Now you can send a custom message along with the recommendation to your friend (or friends).

One potential source of mix-ups has been closed and you as a bidorbuy user got another useful functionality, all with the aim of making your digital life on bidorbuy more pleasant.

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