Keep your tracking numbers private


With the new bidorbuy after sales tools, you can both shield the tacking numbers from prying eyes and post them online for everybody concerned to see.

The parcel tracking numbers used to be one of the contentious issues between sellers and buyers. You know how it was. The buyer would say he did not receive the purchased item. The seller would affirm that he indeed did send the parcel, plus that he also dispatched an email message to the buyer with the tracking number. Things got so bad that some sellers developed a habit of posting the tracking number in their rating to the buyer, so that everybody (and especially those hair-splitting bidorbuy guys) could see it.

The problem was, so could the villains lurking around post offices. And we are not exaggerating. There really were instances of someone walking away with someone else’s parcel, the post office procedures and checks notwithstanding.

Courtesy of the new after sale tools, sellers can now write a message to the buyer, stating the tracking number of the parcel, from within their bidorbuy selling interface. The message will: 1) be emailed to the buyer; 2) appear on the buyer’s bidorbuy account, next to the relevant purchase; 3) be saved on the seller’s bidorbuy account; and 4) be visible to the bidorbuy consultants.

Really, how many more flies can you kill with one swat?!

Improved communication between buyers and sellers is just one, perhaps the most important features of the newly rolled out after sales tools. The two parties need not depend any longer on each other’s email clients. As we all know, emails can and do get lost only too often, due to over-zealous spam filters, accidental deletion, email account abandonment (not followed by updating the bidorbuy account), and who knows what other reasons. Now all the correspondence between sellers and buyers can go through the bidorbuy platform and be safely stored there.

When a buyer logs into his bidorbuy account, he can see whether he’s got any messages from the seller.