Laser hair removal


54_03ea0Laser hair removal is the process by which unwanted hair is removed by exposing the hair and hair follicle to pulses of laser light that disables the hair follicle from producing any more hair. It is a somewhat uncomfortable process which involves the laser continuously zapping the specific area. This cosmetic procedure permanently removes facial and body hair.



Laser hair removal has been around since the mid-1990s and performed experimentally for about 20 years before it became available on the commercial market. Since then it has increased considerably in popularity.
Laser hair removal can be performed on anyone over the age of 13. However, teenagers are advised to go for touch-ups as they get older, because they may develop new hair follicles during puberty. Laser hair removal cannot be performed on someone whose hairs have turned grey, as the laser looks for melanin pigments which grey hair does not have.



It is not always easy to determine how effective the procedure will be on every person. Some people require more sessions than others because of the texture and thickness of their hair. Sometimes the hair will begin to grow back but, though not as thick or coarse as it was before, and the laser hair removal procedure would have to be done again.
The most popular areas for the hair removal procedure are on the face, bikini line, underarms and back. Women, who tend to be especially self-conscious about their unwanted hair, get the procedure performed on a more regular basis. Men tend to opt for their back and chest area, but do not often seek out the treatment.
Treatments are done in sessions: one session every 2-3 weeks. It is also recommended to take 3-6 sessions to ensure permanent hair removal.

There are a number of hair removal devices that can be used at home. These include:

1.TRIA Hair Removal Laser Precision
2. Electronic Hair Remover Shaver Epilator Removal Device
3. TRIA 4x Hair Removal Laser
4. No!No! Hair Removal System
5. IGIA Finally Gone Hair Removal System




Laser hair removal is not a dangerous procedure. However, there are side effects, like with all hair removal procedures. You may experience redness, sensitivity and swelling. If you are doing the procedure at home, it is advisable that you read the instructions first. Hair removal is always going to be tricky and painful; luckily there are alternatives for this kind of hairy situation.



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