Do gift vouchers make a good gift?


2469304_150106152447_R25_mainWhen you give someone a gift, it is normally because you want them to feel special and valued. Often times, people do not know what to get someone for a birthday, a special event or as a surprise.

You probably know that there is nothing worse than receiving an inappropriate gift. The gift might not be bad in itself; perhaps it is just… not you.


Let’s be frank: some gifters simply do not have the knack of choosing the right gifts. And to be even more frank: some giftees are simply impossible to shop for.


So, should you accept the fact that your taste is different from someone else’s and to resolve not to waste your money on buying gifts that the recipients are never going to use or like?

In other words: is it all right to give the gift of a gift vouchers?
While giving a gift voucher it may not feel as though you have put a lot of effort into your gift, at the end of the day you are most likely doing the giftee (and yourself) a favour.

However, do stop and think about what kind of voucher you are buying. It would be most thoughtless, for example, to give a golf shop gift voucher to a devoted tennis player.
1328727_131125094759_itunes_giftcardsThis kind of faux-pas can be easily avoided by gifting a voucher that enables the giftee to choose from among many different products, and bidorbuy bobBucks definitely belong in that category. (Hint, hint.)


Still, whatever kind of gift voucher you opt for, there is a catch. (Such is life. There always is.)
With a “regular” gift you can, sometimes, disguise its market value (that it, what you paid for it). Not so with a gift voucher. The giftee will know exactly how much you splashed on him or her, to the last cent.This is something you cannot avoid, so think before opting for a specific gift voucher amount. Too little – and the recipient may feel slighted. Too much – and he or she may feel uncomfortable. The trick is to find the golden ground! Good luck and good gifting.