Jewellery: what’s trending in 2020


When you need to perk up your outfit, accessories like jewellery come to the rescue. We’re shining the spotlight on 2020 definitive jewellery trends such as statement earrings, pearls, chokers and more, which have been spotted at the Oscars and all corners of the fashion world. We know it seems ambitious to predict trends for an entire year, but we’re sure these pieces are here to stay!

The power of pearls

Think classic, timeless glamour. Pearls can be worn in a simple and subtle way, or they can be stacked on your wrist or neck for more of a statement – hello Audrey Hepburn! Freshwater pearls can be quite pricey and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and hues. For a more uniform and cost-efficient look, faux pearls are your new best friend. They are virtually identical and come in the same pink, grey, classic or even black hues that natural pearls can be found in. Try pearl-stud earrings and a sleek up-do for a classy look that highlights your natural beauty.

All you need is love

With Valentine’s Day having come and gone, what better way to reaffirm your love than with heart-shaped jewellery? A dainty bracelet where the chain is composed of tiny silver hearts is a perfect gift for your bestie. A more obvious declaration of love is a heart-shaped pendant necklace. From diamond-encrusted, to intricately patterned, there is no shortage on bidorbuy of the perfect look for your special someone. Right now, we’re loving a small, delicate heart on a short chain for every-day wear. Engrave it with a name or special date for a more personalised touch.

Diamonds are forever

You know that piece of jewellery in your family that’s been handed down from mother to daughter for generations? That’s an heirloom. Usually boasting rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, these pieces can be worth a small fortune. While they are special and so full of sentiment, there can only be so many. We love the idea of creating your own heirlooms, which will hold whatever meaning you want to add to them. Women’s signet rings are such a classic that you may be able to hand down to your children one day. A vintage signet ring can be personalised with your initials, or you can get one designed in your metal of choice, specifically made to fit your pinky finger. Antique and heirloom jewellery is having a moment: at the Oscars,  in auction houses and even on catwalks.

All choked up

The choker is back in a big way and I could not be more excited! Gone are the little plastic, tattoo imitating, itchy nightmares from the ’90s and a more modern look has emerged. A thin diamond (or cubic zirconia) chain worn lower down towards the nape of the neck is a trend that celebrities and the rest of us can use to glam-up that almost-perfect outfit. A more subtle take on the choker is a simple cord or band, usually black, featuring a small pendant. These are definitely more budget-friendly and can be worn with almost any day look.

Making a statement

Bright colours, fringe, tassels, hoops, beads. There is no end to the fun you can have with statement earrings. Huge hoops have been made a trending look thanks to the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners and Rihanna. The oversized, shoulder-touching rings manage to be both bold and elegant, and I am all for it. For more of a brunch-with-the-girls look, my favourite statement earring is a bright tassel. With so many colour and size options, you’re bound to find the perfect statement you want to make.

Down to earth

When you’re such a gem, you may as well accessorise like it! Natural stones are beautiful and are available in so many colours. Try taking inspiration from your birthstone: do a quick Google search for the gemstone of your birth month. Natural stones can be worn as intricate jewellery, but I love a minimal look, with just one or two stones worn on a simple chain.

Now that you’re all clued up on this year’s must-have accessories, visit bidorbuy to get your favourite pieces, be it something you can pass down to your children, or something fun and flirty for your next big occasion.