Isolation (productivity) station


While working from home comes with many benefits such as comfy clothes, saving money, and not sitting in traffic for hours on end – it definitely has a downside. During this period of Coronavirus-induced self-isolation, you may find yourself setting up for your workday in some dark crevice of your storeroom or your noisy dining room table. I have come up with some tips to make working from home, and setting up your home office, a little more comfortable. Here are some basics you’ll need to accessorise and personalise your home office, for maximum working potential, while staying as sane as possible.

I’m no Quasimodo

A computer or laptop stand, along with a comfortable chair, are crucial factors to consider for good posture. Aside from the height of the laptop, a good laptop stand should help you adjust the angle and distance of the laptop from your body, which also reduces the glare of the screen and preserves your eyes health.

Mr or Mrs Greenfingers

A plant can transform your workspace into a more tranquil, calm and charming place but if you’re anything like me, your desk plant will probably suffer an early demise. Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery on your desk by choosing one of these air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are nearly impossible to kill. Cacti, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Peace lily and Devils ivy are all indoor plants that need a medium to low light and little water to survive, fuss-free decor leaving you to focus on work!

Adding cool moments 

Available in any shape, size, or colour, this is definitely a home office essential. Portable fans are the best thing since, well, regular fans. As you may find yourself in one of your unairconditioned rooms, these little, inexpensive gadgets will prove to be useful. They provide greater air circulation, they keep you cool, you can carry them around, they take up very little space and are not noisy. Perfect for when your loud neighbour has you hot and bothered!

Light it up

First prize would be to find a location with vast amounts of natural lighting. I do however recognise that a countrywide lockdown may not have been in your 5-year plan and you haven’t made the necessary arrangements to renovate your office into the light-filled space you might have hoped for. A close alternative is a desk lamp, and to be more specific, an anglepoise lamp is ideal, as you can adjust and reposition it over and over again. Bright light with a high blue content keeps you alert, active and supports your concentration. Modern LED lights are also recommended as they are low-energy and long-lasting. You probably have enough going on without worrying about changing a bulb.

Time waits for no one

Clocks go far beyond their primary function of telling the time, they can also be decorative and remind you when your next cup of coffee is due. There is a clock for everyone, depending on your style and taste. Options include wall clocks, desk clocks, digital clocks and alarm clocks, just to name a few. From minuscule details to glaring numbers, clock designs have improved in leaps and bounds in the last few decades and your office just wouldn’t be the same without one. 

Adding your two scents

Working from home can prove to be rather stressful. Scented candles are great for creating a sense of warmth and relaxation, in fact, certain fragrances are said to enhance specific traits. Lemon scents can promote concentration and often help with boosting the immune system, lavender and jasmine help calm nerves and can produce the feeling of confidence and peppermint is an energy booster, often good for brainstorming. Candles will also improve the ambience and atmosphere of your workspace, which can often be very motivating.

Confessions of a stationery addict

Finally, no list of office essentials can be complete without stationery. From funky staplers and notebooks to the entire rainbow of highlighters and everything in between, I know there can never be enough. Try putting a small dry-erase board up on one of your new space’s walls. They are perfect for quick notes and jotting down fleeting thoughts – and the added bonus of all the coloured markers you can play with. I understand if you need more time to browse this one – can office supply shopping ever really come to an end? 

Now that you know all about your home office essentials, you can find any of the above-mentioned items on bidorbuy – without leaving your home. From my home office to yours, I wish you a safe, comfortable and productive period of self-isolation.