If your Dad’s a techno-Dad, he’ll love these gadgets


Help your Dad keep up with the latest gadgets

His Dad jokes may be older than the hills, and he may have had the same pair of Dad jeans for years, but chances are that your Dad loves his gadgets. If he’s into cutting-edge tech, you can find him the perfect gift right here on bidorbuy – our Father’s Day catalogue is full of exactly the kind of gadgets that Dads love.

Image courtesy of Jimmy Dean. Published on 1 December 2020. Source: Unsplash.com

Get a bird’s eye view

You’ve always known your Dad is the best, and now he really can look down on everyone else with the Voyager Drift Foldable Camera Drone. This compact drone features four rotors for performance flying and can hover just like a real helicopter. The controls are easy to master, while the built-in 480P camera take great video and still images. Perfect for helping your Dad get a new perspective on life, or for checking if the roof needs fixing (because we know that Dads love DIY nearly as much as they love gadgets).

Listen up!

Being a good listener is a necessary skill for Dads, but sometimes he just wants to tune out the rest of the world and listen to his Dire Straits greatest hits compilation (no, we don’t know who they are, either!). These awesome around ear headphones are by Sennheiser – one of the biggest names in audio – and they’re just the ticket. They’ll make his home entertainment system come alive, whether he’s playing air guitar or catching up on his series (when he finally gets the remote). The detachable 3m cable and soft, oversized ear pads mean he can really enjoy his Dad time.

Lights, keyboard, action

The Armageddon Ak-666 gaming keyboard is perfect for final battles in every kind of game. Extra tactile, high-feedback keys allow for precise control of vehicles, characters and weapons, while the multi-colour backlighting adds awesome special effects to every situation. The keys are designed to resist heavy usage, so even serious gaming Dads can get thousands of hours of fun without the letters fading. Plus, it’s even spill-proof in case he knocks over his coffee in the excitement of reaching the next level or racking up a new high score.

Switch on, tee off

Of course your Dad can hit a golf ball further than anyone else – and thanks to this neat little gadget, he can prove it. With the digital 7x range finder, golfing Dads can precisely measure the distance to the next bunker, hole or water feature – and use the precision optics to view the lie of the land ahead before taking each shot. In Green Mode, the range finder tells you exactly how long the putt is, helping you choose the right club every time. Meanwhile the General Mode can be used to measure distances to any object out to around 850m which means it has loads of potential uses in the garden, at work or when hiking.

Watt a good idea

There’s nothing worse than your phone going flat when you’re on the road, but if you get your Dad this 4-port USB fast car charger, he’ll have one less thing to worry about. Ideal for phones and other devices, it offers safe and fast charging via its 2.1A USB ports. Simply plug it into the car cigarette charger and you’re good to go. A great gift for any Dad who’s always on the go, even if the longest road trip he gets to take is the school run!