Ideas for your mosaic projects


Almost any surface will look prettier if you stick a few mosaic tiles on it. Find a short tutorial on how to do it in this article and buy all the equipment and materials you need on bidorbuy, in mosaic section.


When it comes to where to stick the mosaic tiles and how to arrange them… people will usually tell you: just use your imagination, sky’s the limit! But I’ll be honest with you. This part is actually the most difficult; it’s where creativity comes in. That is why I decided to serve to you a few ideas on a platter.


Table tops, picture frames, bathroom cabinets, flower pots, wooden boxes, coasters and – of course – platters all make very good surfaces for mosaic pictures. The pictures themselves can be abstract arrangements or (more or less) realistic representations. Find patterns on the internet, or cut up a picture you like and arrange your tiles to resemble it. Good places to start are children’s colouring books, because pictures have simple, bold shapes.


If you still feel lost, these images will help:

mosaic projects

mosaic picture

mosaic picture