How to collect wrist watches


Traditionally, men were more likely to collect wrist watches than women, and they tended to collect men’s watches.

The times are changing. Nowadays, women collect watches too, and many collections are themed around women’s watches.

Whether you already possess a few wrist watches tucked away in some drawer or have only just decided to start a collection from scratch, there are same rules of wrist-watch collecting that are worth noting.

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Learn all about it

It is crucial that you learn as much as you can about wrist watches by researching online shopping sites such as bidorbuy. Browse the bidorbuy watches category to see what is on offer, but also the bidorbuy recent buys section to find out which watches were sold and at what price. And, of course, take time to read posts, articles and books written by experts and to get to know about brands, trends, styles, and prices.

Have a budget

Decide in advance what you intend to spend on your watch collecting hobby, and stick to it. Especially if you find yourself bidding against competitors for your next wrist watch on a bidorbuy auction!

Buy a variety of new watches

A basic watch collection should consist of four to six essentials: a couple of everyday watches, a sporty timepiece for weekends, and an elegant dress watch. Build on those foundations by acquiring bolder models. The options are literally endless. Every year, all kinds of watches are released: big and small; monochrome and colourful; military-inspired watches; watches specifically designed for divers, golfers, runners, cyclists, and so on.

As soon as you can afford to, go for the watches that are likely to keep their value or even increase over time. Experts say that some of the good time-tested brands to invest in are Rolex, Patek, Omega, Chopard, Timex, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Longines, Tissot, Cartier, Casio, Seiko, and so on.

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Buy second-hand and vintage watches

The easiest way to build a collection of contemporary wrist watches is to go for second-hand. Of course, vintage watches are by definition second-hand. Focus on watches that are in good condition, although it might make sense to buy an affordable non-working classic, providing the repairs do not cost more than the value of the watch.

Buy the watches you like

With each and every wrist watch purchase, remember that your own taste comes first. Your watch should delight you every time you look at the time. One expert says that the biggest mistake new collectors make is buying something they do not absolutely love, just for the sake of having it.

Take good care of your collection

Most wrist watch collectors wear the watches they buy, even if their purchase was motivated by investment considerations. And when they do not wear them, they safely store them in a cool, dry, dark environment where they do not touch each other. If you do not have the original boxes for your watches, get a watch case on bidorbuy. It is also important to have your watches serviced and cleaned regularly.

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Know the value of your collection

Whether the value of your watch will increase in time depends on many factors, such as the brand, provenance, exclusivity, availability, and demand. The value of a wrist watch can vary greatly with model or type even within a single brand name.

It is important to regularly monitor the value of your collection for insurance purposes. And if a wrist watch ever becomes too expensive to wear… it might be time to sell it on bidorbuy!