Home is… where you click your mouse


Looking for a place to call your own? It can be an apartment, a house, a townhouse, a farm, or a stand. It can be located among the rolling hills of Mpumalanga, in the bustling Gauteng, next to the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.

Take your pick. You will find it all on bidorbuy, neatly arranged by areas in all nine South African provinces (sometimes, you will also come across property listings from the neighbouring countries).

At the last count, there were about 50,000 property listings on bidorbuy.co.za. Most of them are residential, though business property and game parks also feature.
The majority of the listings are in Gauteng, followed by Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, and so on.

The bidorbuy Advanced search function will help you find the property that suits your budget too. Just enter your target price range, and get shopping. This is what we found:

Majority of property listings on bidorbuy are in the classifieds format. However, some are actually sold on the site, either with a fixed price tag attached, or in the form of an auction.  The houses and properties on auction are as a rule listed with a starting bid, which represents the minimum amount the seller would be willing to accept – but would not be adverse to a higher offer, if it happens to come her or his way.

When you find the property you like, you appreciate the little tool located in all listings, just under the heading, called the estimated monthly bond repayment. The default is based on a 13% prime rate and 10% deposit. However, you can click on Re-calculate Bond link to open up a form on which you can change the prime rate to 9% (that is what most banks currently offer). In case of agency listings, you may click on the Request Finance / Insurance link, leave your details, and have an agent contact you.

All of the above perfectly illustrates the benefits you as a prospective buyer enjoy when shopping for property on bidorbuy. You can browse available homes at your leisure and search for your dream house based on price and location.

By using the site wisely, you can learn about your target market; you can save hundreds of hours you might have wasted checking out inappropriate properties; and you may be the first to snag a great deal as soon as it’s available. You are guaranteed a better home-buying experience. You gain a certain amount of control – and when you are making this large an investment, it’s good to have a little control.