Disco fashion forever
disco fashion


Every now and then, the glitz of the ’70s disco style raises its outrageously extravagant head to re-capture the imagination of the fashionistas the world over.

Just think of our current obsession with sequins, sparkle, neon colours, high waisted pants, platform shoes, over-the-knee boots, and all things bright and high-shine. There’s proof that disco fashion still maintains its hold on us, whether we realise it or not.

Of course, it wouldn’t do for you, a 21st century person, to adhere to the strict rules of the 1970s disco fashion. That is, unless you are dressing up for a themed party.

disco fashion

To keep your look up-to-date, mix the trends of yesteryear with the current ones, always remaining true to your sense of style. Men could wear a glittery T-shirt under a cool suit, while women could accessorise a timeless black evening dress with a disco ball handbag or sparkly platform shoes.

disco fashion

The ‘70s inspired glam style was born on the rock scene, staying relevant in fashion and design ever since then. Some designers have suggested that the disco style megawatt exaggerated glam is a reaction to the gloomy times we live in. If that be so, then disco fashion is indeed here to stay! Here are some disco-inspired outfits from recent fashion shows:

disco inspired fashion

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And in case you’d like to add some dazzle to your wardrobe, but find that your budget will not stretch so far as to allow for a new outfit, take matters into your own hands and create this charming skirt!

skirt with shiny squares

You will need a plain black skirt, some non fray shiny fabric, fabric glue and scissors. Then get cutting and gluing! Tip: the shorter the skirt, the less work you will have to do before you are all ready for a night out.

disco fashion