Carry it in style


Whether you happen to be a university student lugging your books to lectures, or a corporate professional in need of a repository for your documents, your choice of bag has a bearing on your overall style. Nowadays, backpacks have to go beyond just being able to carry things effectively in order to pique the interest of consumers.

The growing popularity of urban streetwear is putting increased emphasis on the aesthetics of backpacks, especially among the younger generation. Brands such as The North Face, Diesel and Vans are taking advantage of this trend by offering bags which merge functionality with on-the-pulse contemporary streetwear designs. Joymoze takes this a step further, offering colourful backpacks with floral-themed designs somewhat akin to fine art.

What is immediately evident from emerging bag trends is that consumers are moving away from the humdrum appearance of the backpacks of old in favour of more captivating designs. This plainly tells us that there really is no excuse for a bag not to look good. If you are more inclined to purchase backpacks for their handy features rather than their aesthetic appeal, you may want to invest in an anti-theft backpack. Not only will these bags help protect your belongings against would-be thieves, they will also charge your device through a built-in USB charging port. These types of multi-functional bags are becoming increasingly popular, because their utility, coupled with a sleek design, make them perfect for those who opt for practicality over a conspicuous appearance.

Whatever your needs or styling preferences, there is a backpack out there for you!