Dark Souls III – Prepare to die!
dark souls III


From Software, a game developer renowned for the extreme difficulty of their titles, has just released their latest game: Dark Souls III.


Gamers are urged to approach this,  third iteration of the Dark Souls series with extreme caution. The difficulty of the Dark Souls games are legendary and are part of the appeal that attracts die-hard gamers to explore the ravaged ruins of Lothric. At a time when the gaming industry molly-coddles players and ensures that games are accessible and straight forward, From Software has taken a different stance. All of its recent games are ruthlessly difficult, but this difficulty arises from the ignorance of the players. The players themselves must explore various locations and apply different strategies if they are to overcome the enemies that they will face. Learning is part of the challenge and learning in Dark Souls III comes at a price: death!


The gameplay of Dark Souls III combines the faster paced combat of From Software’s previous title Bloodborne with the strategic movement of the first Dark Souls game. As in previous titles, players can develop their character into numerous builds to tackle the dangers of Lothric. Enter the fray as a heavily armoured fighter with sword and shield, or perhaps ditch your harness for a light footed, artful dodger and knife your opponents in the back. Else invest your time in the magical arts and incinerate your opponents with dread spells; or attempt any combination you choose. Like all things in the Dark Souls franchise, the plotline of the game is not straightforward and players will have to explore and decipher the meaning of numerous clues – many of which are ambiguous – in order to piece together a concise series of events.


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