Consumer is the king


We told you so. There it is, black on while, in the book entitled Your Guide to Buying and Selling on bidorbuy. And here is a somewhat shortened version of several points from the section entitled 85 bidorbuy Selling Tips:

  • Treat your customers like gold. Give them quality at every level of the transaction. Your customers are more important than your product or any short-term profit you make. Take care of them… And they’ll take care of you.
  • Offer outstanding customer service. The service you provide to your customers throughout the sales process will determine your level of success as a seller.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations. After winning an auction or making an order, your customer wants: to be contacted immediately; to have the item shipped quickly; to receive the item as described in the listing and in one piece; to be informed of any delays or glitches.
  • Honesty is indeed the best policy. Make one virtue for yourself on bidorbuy – and that’s honesty. If you’re a little late getting the package in the mail… tell your customer. As a rule, you will be forgiven and spared the negative feedback. They will even thank you for being straight with them.

If, by any chance, you do not always quite adhere to the above tenets (we know that most bidorbuy sellers do), now is the time to change your ways, because the set of rules that bidorbuy has always advocated are now the law of the country (well, in spirit, if not word-by-word). Read the article about the new Consumer Protection Act, and then follow the link to the text of the Act itself. The future of your business may depend on it!