Clue ten tests your pop culture expertise


The clue number 10 in the bidorbuy Win an iPad competition has been posted on Facebook.

According to Wikipedia, the little puzzle that represents the clue number 10 can refer to:

One: A Shirley and Lee song
Two: A Louis Jordan song
Three: 1999 album by B.B. King
Four: A 1966 song by The Sonics, from their Boom album
Five: A Vinny Pop Album Golden Blue 2005
Six: A 1978 song by The Cars
Seven: A parody of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” from The Rutles soundtrack.
: An alternate name for the song Come On by Earl King
Nine: A 1973 film featuring Bill Haley and the Comets, Chuck Berry and others
Ten: A two-song single by Swedish indie pop band My darling YOU!

There are probably many more references to our clue number 10 in the popular culture, making it very easy for you to discover our mystery listing, SMS the secret code to 33003, and have your name entered into a draw.

And if (when?) your name is drawn from the hat, your iPad will be delivered by Internet Express.