Clue nine is a fine one


And clue number nine is fine mainly because it narrows down the number of items to sift through to only 196 (give or take a few). No moaning and groaning please: 196 listings is nothing in comparison to almost 500,000 items currently listed on bidorbuy. Besides, you have the whole weekend before you!

Find clue number nine on the bidorbuy Forum and apply it to our advanced search page, in conjunction with the eight clues that came before it. (You may find the roadmap to the clues 1 to 8 in this blog post.)

Once you solve the riddle, the clue # 9 will give you (part of) the name of one of the most densely populated categories on bidorbuy.

With the clue number 9, we enter into the third quarter of the hunt. That means that you are now about 75% closer to discovering the mystery listing than you were a week ago!

When you discover it, SMS the secret code to 33003 as many times as you want to (SMS messages are charged at R1.50 each). Then wait until mid-November (at the latest) to find out if you are the lucky winner of an iPad.