Clue eight is infinitely easy


We shall go straight to the point and give you the clue number eight: the mystery listing you need to find in the bidorbuy Win and iPad competition is priced over R4.

When you take the eight clues presented to you up to now and enter them in the advanced search, you will be presented with the search results page containing about 650 listings spread over 17 pages and 20 categories. Yes, that is how many items there are currently on bidorbuy that fit the very narrow specifications postulated by the eight clues!

For those of you who joined late in the hunt for the mystery listing that can win you an iPad, here is the recap of the clues posted so far:

  • Clue # 1: Find it in the bidorbuy Forum.
  • Clue # 2: See it under the Competition tab of the bidorbuy page on Facebook (scroll down the page; it s lurking below clue # 6). In the unlikely case that you do not already “Like” bidorbuy on Facebook, this is your chance to set the record right.
  • Clue # 3: This one resides on the bidorbuy Twitter page and can be recognised by the #winipad hashtag. (While you are there, remember to follow us on Twitter.)
  • Clue # 4: Decipher it with the help of this bidorbuy blog post.
  • Clue # 5: Go back to the bidorbuy Forum for his one.
  • Clue # 6: In case you were in a hurry to get to the clue two, now is the time to revisit the bidorbuy Facebook page for clue number six. (Make sure you “Like” us on Facebook!)
  • Clue # 7: You must have already seen it on Twitter, next to clue number 3! In case you missed it, re-visit the bidorbuy Twitter page and look for the #winipad hashtag and words clue 7.  (Again, do remember to follow our tweets!)
  • Clue # 8: See it at the top of this blog post.

We told you, clue number 8 will make thinks infinitely easy for you!