Clue seven, and the going gets easy


Clue number seven in the bidorbuy Win an iPad competition is now public. Find it in the bidorbuy Twitter page (it will be marked with the #winipad hashtag). Then take the clue seven, together with the six previous ones, to the bidorbuy Advanced Search.

This competition has been strongly biased in favour of Advanced Search. We can as well admit it now: one of our cunning intentions is to make search experts out of you. That is because we respect your time. We know that, busy as you are, you want to land directly on the listings that interest you.

And yet, even though such method is quick and expeditious and worthy of praise, we have to warn you: it may not always be the best option. Just imagine how many bargains, how many things that you have always wanted, how many desirable items you did not even know you wanted  just imagine how many of them you miss in your hurry to log in, zoom in, buy, and be gone!

It is a known fact that very efficient people sometimes overlook the small pleasures of life. So, sometimes, when you have some time on your hands, come and browse bidorbuy at a leisurely pace. You may be surprised by the world of treasures that will open up for you.

Yes, you may even stumble upon a strange page containing this image (in the description, not as the main thumbnail image):

That image will tell you that you have discovered the mystery item in the bidorbuy Win an iPad competition. Follow the instructions the “seller” (that is, us) stated in the listing, go through the make-believe buying process (no, you will not be expected to pay a cent), SMS the secret code to 33003 (SMSs are charged at R1.50 per message) and you will be entered into a draw.

If your name comes up – the iPad will be delivered to you by Internet Express (totally free of charge).