Car lit


It saw the light of the day only a few weeks ago. And yet, the new bidorbuy car lit section is already close to 1,500 items strong.

The car books, manuals and literature section caters not only for cars, but also for other thing that go vroom. With books and manuals acquired there you can learn a useful thing or two, for example:

You will find books and eBooks on cars in general and motorsports. You will find how-to instructions fit for both amateurs and professionals in the following sub-sections: car DIY and tuning, restoration manuals and workshop manuals. You will also find motoring magazines.

In short, you will find everything you need to get to know your car, care for it – and, if you are thus inclined, improve its performance. Who knows, with all that know-how under your belt you may even try your hand at restoring an old pile of scrap.  Look for parts in the bidorbuy Car parts section, be ready to spend at least one thousand hours labouring over your project – and you may end up with and a thing of beauty like one of these: