Breaking the rules


Fashion rules are not hard and fast. That’s because fashion is not hard and fast; it’s constantly breaking it’s own boundaries by turning in on itself and doing the opposite of what it did before.

Look at denim. In the eighteenth century it was worn by slaves because it is such a hardy material. In the 1930s it became characteristic attire for cowboys for the same reason; but cowboys are stereotypically outsiders, which lead the way for James Dean to turn denim jeans into a symbol of teenage rebelliousness. And now almost every luxury brand has a line of denim jeans and every person you know has at least one pair, so denim goes from rebel-wear to popular fashion item.

Fashion evolves as the world does. But, as much as fashion is that way; style is not. As much fun as it is to break the rules of fashion; it is possible to do it the wrong way. And that’s where the style aspect comes in.

3 fashion mismatches you should match:

1. Wear black and brown together

Black and brown (and navy) can be worn together. The trick is to pair the two colours with a bridge colour. Leopard print has both brown and black so you could use this as a bridge for wearing the two colours. Mustard works well as a bridge too (see the lookpage). Copper, bronze, hazel and chocolate colour browns work well with black.

2. Match sneakers with dresses

Dresses are girly and sneakers are not. Breaking this fashion rule means you make your outfit less feminine (or less masculine depending on how you look at it).  A bulky-fit dress looks really good with sneakers. A really girly dress can look good too, but try for a softer colour sneaker if you go this route. Sneakers and short dresses work better than sneakers and long dresses

3. Mix denim and denim

Just recently it became very trendy to wear denim jeans with a denim vest, denim shoes with a denim jacket. The denim fashion trend continues to evolve. The trick: contrasting dark and ligh colours of denim (see the lookpage). Floral and denim work particularly well together.

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