The bidorbuy meetups for sellers


As an entrepreneur, you can use the bidorbuy platform to start a new business or expand your existing business, whether it is online or offline. bidorbuy is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet, so why not use this extensive customer network to your advantage?

We offer a seminar called the bidorbuy Meetup to empower sellers and help them use the bidorbuy platform to its full potential. We will explore with you the basics of selling by delving deep into the topics such as:

  • How to sell on bidorbuy;
  • Understanding top bidorbuy categories;
  • How to create a shipping table;
  • Tips on offering good customer service;
  • How to deal with refunds and returns;
  • How to use marketing to increase sales; and some other useful selling secrets.

Reasons to attend are endless and selling on bidorbuy is without a doubt simple and convenient. We offer a massive audience of potential customers, a wide variety of selling tools. On top of that, selling on bidorbuy involves very low startup costs.

Along with all the knowledge you will gain, you will receive access to the presentation, R50 credited to your bidorbuy account, as well as a R150 bobBucks voucher, all this for a reasonable fee of R300. Two of our experienced category managers, Jacques Jordaan and Scott Donaldson will be sharing their expertise with you to help your business reach new heights, they will also happily answer any questions you may have.

Keep an eye out for future bidorbuy Meetup dates, and book your seat!