Experience tandem skydiving
tandem skydive


Have you always dreamed of flying like a bird, with nothing between you and the surrounding air?

Do you yearn for an adrenaline rush?

Are you ready to do something out of the ordinary?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, skydiving might be for you!

First-timers will probably want to start with a tandem skydive. That’s when you are attached to an experienced instructor who (more or less) throws you out of a plane and lands you safely on the ground.

tandem skydive

Well, that’s the short of it. Here’s what to expect of your tandem skydive in more detail:

You will need to show up at the skydiving club a few hours in advance and go through 15 to 20 minutes of ground training. Then you will board a smallish aircraft. After about 20 minutes of contemplating the ground as it recedes further and further away, the instructor will strap you on and jump out of the airplane. With you in tow. (Actually, in front.)

The free fall lasts about half a minute, which gives you enough time to become alarmed at the speed with which the Earth is getting closer and closer. That is when the instructor opens the parachute and you find yourself peacefully floating down and enjoying the view, until your feet touch the firm ground.

All too soon!

To relive the experience, you will probably want to capture the moment. After you book a tandem skydive on bidorbuy, you can arrange, at extra cost, to have it documented on photos or on a video.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about doing it again! All who have tried tandem skydiving say it’s an unforgettable experience, well worth the money. It is suitable for almost everybody, young or old, fit or not. However, you do need to weigh 95 kilograms or less, to be in reasonably good health; and to be over 18 or to have parental consent.

In case you need to lose a few kilos to qualify for a tandem skydive, do it; it’s worth the effort! In the meantime, console yourself with any of the many awesome experiences you can find on bidorbuy.