The bidorbuy firsts


first on bidorbuyDuring 16 years of its existence, bidorbuy has kept up with the times and technological changes, and is often the first to market with the latest high tech devices, to the joy of all early adopters.

This year, the first two Apple watches to be sold in South Africa were won on auction on bidorbuy. One was made of aluminium alloy and the other of stainless steel; the winning bidder paid R10,750 and R13,000 respectively.

Similarly, the first iPhone 6 ever sold inSouth Africa was sold on bidorbuy at the end of 2014.

Here are some more bidorbuy’s firsts:

  • First ecommerce site in South Africa to have a shopping app across all mobile platforms.
  • First (and so far the only) online marketplace with R1 auctions. Over the years, practically every product known to humanity was put on a bidorbuy R1 auction, from cars and apartments to cruises, rare coins and diamond rings.
  • First to feature both auctions and traditional, fixed price shopping formats. It’s all about giving more choice to buyers!
  • First to enable users to both buy and sell on a genuinely South African online marketplace.
  • First to launch Stores concept for online sellers in 2012.
  • First for weird and wacky. Some bizarre items featured on bidorbuy, from breastmilk toa (presumably sweat-soaked) vest Justin Bieber wore at a concert.  See more weird and wacky items that featured on bidorbuy at one time or another.
  • First for charity section and celeb charity auctions, doing its bit for good causes over the years, notably a chess exhibition with Gary Kasparov and the Princess Project initiative.
  • First for the rare and high value items sold online.  Most recently, a buyer paid R497,000 for a 1902 veldpond.

There are more bidorbuy firsts we could boast of, but we at bidorbuy prefer to concentrate on thinking up the next ground breaking innovation. See you in the future!