A badge for you, from bidorbuy


badgesWeb badges are one of the most popular trends among the internet population. It’s all about letting the others know what you like and where you are likely to hang out.

Web badges are small, graphic icons that are added to identify an affiliation with something. Web savvy users love decorating their sites, blogs and social network profiles with them.

You will be glad to know that now you can add a plethora of bidorbuy badges to your internet presence. First, take a look at the article Get your bidorbuy Digital Badge. Then decide what you want our of your bidorbuy badge.

If you all you want is a badge-for-badge’s sake, simply copy one (or more – in fact, as many as you want) of the badges posted on the bidorbuy badges page.

If you want to make your bidorbuy badge work for you and make you some cash, log in as a bidorbuy user (or register as one) and go to the Affiliate tab of My bidorbuy. Find the Badges section under the Banner advertisement link, grab the code of the badge you like and paste it onto your web site, blog, or email signature. Whenever people click on your bidorbuy affiliate badge and bid, buy or sell on bidorbuy – you earn affiliate credits. See more about how this works on the bidorbuy Affiliate programme page.

Only registered bidorbuy users have access to affiliate badges.

Whether you are in it purely for ornamental reasons or in order to make some Rands – get your bidorbuy digital badge now!