9 basic baking tools
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So you know how to cook, but what do you do for fun? Bake? This is also an awesome activity to do with the kids, that is if you can deal with the mess.


Well, if you are a first timer in this department, there are a couple of things that you need to have. Without getting into the whole thing too deep, if you’re going for a basic chocolate cake or perhaps some cookies, this is what you will need:


1) Measuring spoons & cups

When cooking a meal you can pretty much throw anything in and let it cook, if you kinda know what you’re doing. But when it comes to baking, you need to have exact measurements, or even the most basic of recipes will flop. But it’s always worth the fuss in the end. Which takes us to our first set of necessary baking tools: measuring spoons, measuring cups and a measuring jug.




2) Whisk

Most baked goods will require some whisking in the preparation stage, so it’s good to have a whisk at hand. You could also consider getting an electric beater that some recipes also use.




3) Sieve

Use it to get all of those pesky lumps out and to aerate the flour for smoother, fluffier outcome.




4) Mixing Bowls

You can never have enough different size bowls. They come in many materials, such as glass or plastic.




5) Spatula

Now that you have all your ingredients together, depending on the recipe, you might have to do some light spatula work. For instance, if you are adding in freshly frothed cream, you do not want it to lose its air bubbles and fall flat. That’s why you must use a spatula for some light mixing.




6) Rolling pin

If cookies are on the menu, you will need a rolling pin in order to flatten the dough and then cut the cookie shapes. A less attractive alternative to this is a bottle of wine… but you may prefer to keep it by for personal consumption purposes during the baking process, instead of using it as an instrument.




7) Baking Tray

Almost there! Now that the hard part is over you will just need to empty the dough into a muffin pan or baking tray. After wine consumption this could prove tricky, but hang in there; you’re almost done.




8) Timer

This is as important as the measurement of the ingredient. You simply have to keep track of time. Most recipes will give an indication as to how long the cake or the cupcakes need to be in the oven, give or take a couple of minutes, depending on the properties of your oven. So it’s good to keep an eye on it. (Don’t go opening the oven door too often, though.)




9) Cooling Rack

Finally, let your baked goods cool off and get ready to dig in!