3 summer styles for men
fashion for men on bidorbuy


Summer is around the corner! That means that men all around South Africa (and other countries of the southern hemisphere) should dive into their wardrobe, throw out all items not fit to be worn, and head to bidorbuy for a new look.


I suggest three triple-easy styles: easy on the pocket, easy to wear, and – most importantly – easy on the eye.


Style 1: Short and colourful


fashion for men on bidorbuy

This is your typical ready-for-outdoor-activity look: a shirt, perhaps denim, worn over shorts or Bermudas and takkies – All Stars seem like a good choice. Off you go to welcome whatever adventure may await around the next corner! (Or over the next hill.)


Style 2: Jeans and T-shirt


fashion for men on bidorbuy


What can I tell you about this style that you don’t already know? It’s casual, comfortable, and good looking too. Note that good quality shoes are of essence, because they elevate the entire look. Branded jeans usually fit better than cheaper knock-offs. As for the T-shirt, try going for a monochromatic variety, or one with very subtle drawings. (My vote really goes to the plain white tee… the only problem being, the abs underneath it have to be really flat.)


Style 3: Bring forth the belt


fashion for men on bidorbuy


You already know that belts have a more important function than merely holding up your pants. Your prize belt will look its best coupled with a simple white shirt and chinos pants. If the pants are of a muted colour, like the green one on the left, your belt can be of a more vivid hue. Lighter pants will look better with a dark belt. In any case, carefully match the colour of the shoes. A manly bracelet or two will add that je ne sais quoi touch to your look.


As for sunglasses, they are actually obligatory with all styles. South African sun is too harsh to go without, even in winter!


PS: All individual items of clothing and accessories were available on bidorbuy at the time of writing. Please follow the links to browse for identical or similar items.