Garden furniture: wood, metal or plastic?
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Garden Furniture

Give your patio a facelift this spring with some stunning garden furniture and enjoy your outdoors  in comfort and style.

When you invest in outdoor furniture, it is important to consider durability, affordability and style. Take extra care when choosing, because you want to ensure your garden furniture is built to last and is easy to maintain.

The main types of material used in the manufacturing of garden furniture include wood, metal and plastic. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each:

1.    Wood

Depending on the type of look and feel you are going for, patio furniture is available in a wide selection of wood to cater for your taste. You can choose between popular wood types such as  pine, cedar, redwood, mahogany or teak. The quality of wood differs with each type. For example, hardwood such as teak is far more durable than redwood; it can lasts up to 50 years.

Cedar and pine, which are known as softwood, are not as durable as hardwood. Pine would have to be pressure treated to resist rotting and rain. If the pine is not treated it is advisable that you paint or seal it.

2.    Metal

The most commonly used materials in the manufacturing of metal garden furniture are wrought iron and aluminium.
Wrought iron is ideal if you want to go with a classic setting. It is a heavy material and easily heats up when exposed to sunlight, so find a shady spot for this in your garden. Wrought iron does require maintenance to prevent rust or corrosion. A disadvantage is that the metal is hard to sit on, but adding cushions to the chairs should solve this problem. Cushions are also a great way of adding your personal style to your outdoor space.

Aluminium is lighter and requires less maintenance than wrought iron. It does not fade or rust and it’s easy to lift and move around. Furniture made from this metal is ideal if you like to rearrange your garden furniture frequently.

3.    Plastic

Plastic garden furniture is cheap and an option to consider for the price conscious customer. It may not be as good looking as metal or wood, but it does last long. It is easy to maintain and clean and the lightness in weight makes it easy to pack away for storage.

Don’t let spring catch you unprepared. By making an informed decision on your garden furniture, you are one step closer to creating your backyard getaway.