Your tunes, your personality
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jazz musicDo you reveal something about yourself by your choice of music?


Apparently, you do, according to the psychologists who have conducted studies focused on the correlation between musical preferences and personality characteristics. Turns out, the world around you can gauge whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, emotional or analytical, creative or not… plus much more, based solely on your taste in music.


See if any of the findings below ring true to your ear!


  • If you prefer mellow, low energy music that often contains sad emotions, such as rhythm and blues, you empathise with others, have strong emotions and often base your decision-making on emotional values.
  • Complex and intense tunes (for example, heavy metal and classical genres) find their way into the hearts (or minds) of analytical people, who think more rationally and are calm and composed in their decision-making.
  • It has also been established that heavy metal fans are creative, but not very hard-working or outgoing. They are also gentle (surprise, surprise!), reserved and comfortable with themselves, though they may have a touch of low self-esteem.
  • Personality-wise, people who like classical music are practically twins of heavy metal fans. They are also creative, but not outgoing. However, unlike heavy metal fans, classical music fans possess high self-esteem.

music fans

They have more in common than the first glance reveals: heavy metal fans (left) and classical music audience (right).


  • Happy, upbeat and conventional music, as well as energetic and rhythmic music such as rap, hip hop and dance music appeal to energetic extroverts.
  • When it comes to creativity, people who like complex genres such as blues, jazz, classical music and reggae are at the top, though dance, rock and heavy metal fans also tend to have a creative side to them. Pop music fans rank among the least creative. On the other hand, pop tunes enthusiasts are hard working, outgoing and possess high self esteem.

music tastesEven though our music preferences change with age and depend on numerous external circumstances such as the culture and exposure to certain types of music, our personality definitely has a say in what we choose to listen, say psychologists.


In fact, several studies have found that the link between personality traits and music choices is so strong that we are more prone to like someone who shares our musical taste than someone who does not. That could be why so many couples have “their” song!


It goes without saying that you should never worry about what people think of you because of the music you listen to. Just enjoy it, for music is the one of the best things in the world.


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