Your handbag personality


Did you know that you can assess a lady’s character by looking at the type of handbag she carries? “It is an absolute indicator of who they are and what their style is,” says Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and entrepreneur.

Have you noticed yourself gravitating towards a certain type of bag, a style that you show a particular appreciation for?  This is where the insight into your personality and style is reflected.  Style experts and designers remarked on what certain handbags say about the personality of the woman who sports it.

Your preferred choice of style affirmed by the experts:

Your powerful tote bag


For woman always on the go, the tote bag is the preferred choice. This style of bag is the go to bag for a career focused woman working in an office and for a business owner. The quality and aesthetics of the bag is vital to you, and so is the functionality, because this bag can hold the essentials that you may need during the day, from pens and makeup to the tablet.

Tote bag


Your beloved boho bag


You are a girl who likes to go with the flow, generally very carefree. You are a free spirited individual and the boho bag pairs perfectly with your bohemian style.

Hobo bag


Your precious clutch


You will most likely carry this bag on a night out, appointing your partner as the designated clutch carrier. You are a glamorous fashion conscious woman who enjoys planning ahead and being in control. Your wardrobe is always updated with the latest fashion and you are the type of woman that will never leave home wearing flats.  My personal opinion: a small bag with no handles that needs to be carried all the time for fear of being lost or stolen is high maintenance.



Your (less) fashionable backpack


There are two different personalities that carry the backpack. If you are in your 20s, you will probably opt for the expensive leather look backpack, testifying to your envious street style fashion (don’t be surprised if you are lucky enough to have your picture taken by a street-style photographer). If a less fashionable backpack is your thing, you are probably a fitness fanatic and you use it for  your exercise gear.



Your highbrow satchel


If you usually carry a satchel, you are either a woman who enjoys reading books and hunting for unique treasures at vintage stores, or a quirky college student.


What type of handbag best depicts your purse-onality? Visit the women’s handbag category to find your match.