Your camping essentials


Are you planning to go on an extended hike or camping adventure in the near future? Or perhaps you are preparing to camp at one of the various outdoor music festivals that take place in South Africa annually? In any case, it is important to be prepared and well-equipped with all of the necessary camping gear. So without further ado, here is your definitive camping essentials guide:


Tents are an obligatory fixture when camping. With so many different options available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when making a purchase decision. Tent sizes range from single to 12 person tents and beyond. They come in all shapes and colours. Many of them have a variety of features on offer. Oztrail tents often come with side awning and heavy-duty floors. Bushtec and Tentco offer specialised, rigid safari tents suitable for all conditions.

Sleeping bag

There’s no need to sacrifice comfortable sleep when you go camping. Plush sleeping bags offered from Oztrail or Bushtec will ensure that you get some quality sleep after a long day of outdoor activities. Vango has thermal sleeping bags which will keep you warm during those chilly nights under the stars.

Lights and Torches

Being prepared for the great outdoors means being able to find your way and function in the dark. What better way to light up your outdoor experience than with an LED headlamp? These nifty torches will provide ample lighting while strapped to your head, freeing up your hands for other tasks. If you would like to keep your entire campsite illuminated, there is a wide variety of portable camping lamps to provide fixed lighting around your campsite.

Camping chairs

Camping chairs are one of those must-haves when it comes to camping. A good camping chair should not only be comfortable and sturdy, it should also be easy to fold and pack up. Kaufmann, Oztrail and Totai <span”>all offer reliable camping chairs which will help create a comfortable setup around your campsite.


One of the most useful things to bring on a camping trip is a good multi-tool. Multi-tools combine an array of convenient tools into a single instrument, which saves you time and also saves space in your bag. There are a number of great multi-tool brands out there, but Leatherman, Victorinox and Gerber stand head and shoulders above the rest in South Africa.


No campsite is complete without a gazebo. A gazebo will provide you with protection from the relentless African sun. This is especially necessary if you are making your way to a festival such as Oppikoppi or Afrikaburn. Afritrail offer gazebos which can be equipped with side wall panels for additional weather protection.

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