You deserve a pool day


As the warmer weather settles in, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor setup, whether you have a garden, patio or deck. Along with summer essentials such as patio furniture, plants and garden decor, a pool makes an awesome addition to your outdoor space. Check out our breakdown of everything you need for the ultimate chilled day in or next to the pool.

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Splashing about 

For any successful pool day, you will obviously need a pool. If you don’t already have one, take a look at our range of inflatable pools. Need something the whole family can enjoy? Then consider a heavy duty steel frame pool. But if you’re after a small pool for the kids or just one or two adults, any of our range of smaller inflatable pools would be ideal. 

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Get ready to accessorise

Pool accessories are a must, even for adults. Pool noodles will always be a classic but you can take your pool day to the next level with a pool float . They put the fun in functional – you can sit or lie on them as your worries drift away, and they’re a great way to express your personal style. Adults and kids will love them, so you might find you need more than one. There’s something about an inflatable cup holder that says holiday mode; get yourself one (or maybe two) to safeguard your drinks while you’re splashing about. 

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Drinks by the pool anyone?

I can’t think of anything better than a cocktail by the pool, can you? We have a large range of liquor on bidorbuy so you can mix it up with a selection of your favourites. Take things a step further by splurging on a cocktail set so you can shake up the best-tasting drink in town. If alcoholic beverages are not your thing, check out our range of juices, soft drinks and more. 

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Time to wrap it up 

Any pool day is made complete with a few little extras such as a good quality pool towel and some sunscreen. Round or rectangular, our range of towels will knock your socks off (hang on a second, why are you still wearing your socks?). Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly, an SPF of 50 or higher will help you limit any sun damage. A stylish hat and a new pair of sunnies will help you complete the urban beach look.