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The variety of shapes, materials and colours that women’s boots come in is mind-boggling. Just a cursory look at the bidorbuy ladies’ boots section is enough to make your head spin, your heart rate increase, and your mouth water with desire. Flat, high heel, over the knee, western, peep toe, two-toned, animal print, patent, and the list goes on. Here is but a small selection:

ladies' boots on bidorbuy

Boots have the power to dress up a casual look, and to add a touch of playfulness to formal attire. They can be worn with leggings, jeans, tailored pants, as well as skirts and dresses of any length and cut.

Are there any rules on how to wear boots? Well, not really. Still, some combinations simply work better than others!

Best outfits to wear with ankle boots

As everyone knows, ankle boots and tight jeans are a match made in heaven. Wear the jeans tucked in to make your legs seem longer, or show some skin above the boot for a trendy look. Socks layered underneath the boots can also be a cute look. And do not shy away from surprise combinations: combat or chunky ankle books can work wonderfully well with formal office attire, or with a romantic flowing dress.

ankle boots

Best outfits to wear with mid-calf boots

Mid-calf boots can be tricky to pull off. Here are some rules and some exceptions to the rules:

  • For a flattering silhouette, avoid flat mid-calf boots. However, flat mid-calf boots will probably look great on you if you have relatively long legs or if you pair them with stockings, leggings or pants of the same colour.
  • Avoid boots that cut across the widest part of your calves, because that visually shortens your legs. However, if you lack volume in your calves go right ahead and break this rule.
  • Mid-calf boots that are too wide at the top will give you the stick-legs look, so stay clear of them. Unless, of course, the stick-leg look is precisely what you want.

Other than that, feel free to wear your mid-length boots with either pants or skirts. Just bear in mind that a full skirt usually looks better when it goes just a little bit over the top of the boots, while narrow skirts look better with some skin showing between its hem and the top of the boot.

mid-calf boots

Best outfits to wear with knee-high boots

Knee-high boots come in such a range of styles that it is easy to make a statement of your own: riding boots, high heel boots, slightly slouchy boots, lace-up boots, and so on.This is one of the most versatile and flattering items any woman can have in her wardrobe. And they go with practically everything!

Try them now with your jeans tucked in or over, with a short skirt or a floating dress, and remember to make them the focal point of your attire now and then.

knee-high boots

Best outfits to wear with over-the-knee boots

Wear your OTC (over-the-knee) with skinny jeans or a shirtdress that unbuttons for a flash of leg, and you are guaranteed to be noticed. High heel over-the-knee boots look absolutely stunning, but remember that they are not made for walking. Luckily, the flat or low-heel varieties can look (almost) just as fabulous!

over the knee boots

Best boots for plus-size ladies

Based on the photo-evidence above, you might conclude that boots are only for women with model-skinny legs. Wrong! All kinds of boots, from ankle-high to over-the-knee, from subdued black to brightly coloured, can look great on generously proportioned women too. See for yourself:

boots for plus-size women

I have saved the best for last!

The best part about getting a new pair of boots is that it is easier than ever to do it, and often cheaper too when you opt to shop on bidorbuy! The last time I checked, there were more than five thousand pairs on offer in the bidorbuy ladies’ boot section. Verily, it’s enough to make you jump with joy!

ladies' boots