Your top 5 enhancements questions


With enhancements, your listings can show on prominent sections of the website and not get lost in the millions of products available. Simply put, enhancements allow you to promote or advertise your product on bidorbuy. However, there are several questions on how best to use enhancements to reach customers and make more sales. Here are the most frequently asked questions about enhancements:

1. How much do enhancements cost?

Our enhancements range from R5 to R100. Enhancement prices vary depending on the desired positioning of your product on the bidorbuy website:

Different enhancement rates apply for classifieds listings and for several specific categories. Learn more about enhancement fees for the automotive category, X-rated category, property category and service listings across relevant categories here.

Remember that you can choose a combination of several enhancements.

You can also opt for prime banner advertising space on There are various advertising options available, from high traffic positions on the homepage to more targeted positions on category pages. Please email for rates and more information about our advertising bundles.

2. Why should I pay for enhancements?

We understand that there are other costs involved, so why should you fork out more money to advertise your listings? Enhancements are a great way to stand out from the crowd and give your competitors something to worry about. It doesn’t end there; you will gain added exposure for your product and your brand. If you use this advertising tool to its full potential, you will reap the benefits. Our advertising options are also extremely affordable; you can advertise your product from as little as R5! To top it all off, we can guide you through the entire process and even recommend enhancement options that will be best suited to you and your business. Our advertising options are endless, from listing enhancements, advertising bundles, social media exposure to creating your own online store.

3. Which products should I enhance?

Use enhancements when you have a large amount of stock for a particular product; selling that stock will be important, especially if you have paid a lot for it. You will need to determine how much you need to sell in order to cover your enhancements costs and make a decision based on that. Know your budget and control your costs. Here are some other suggestions for products you can enhance:, new products (including items with various colours or types), old stock you would like to get rid of and seasonal products that are in demand for that period. And of course, it only makes sense that you punt products that are already doing well. Since you know they are popular, it is likely that they will sell even better with the added enhancements.

4.Which products should I not enhance?

If your product is valued at less than the cost to enhance, don’t. Rather use your money elsewhere, unless you anticipate a high number of sales, enough to cover the cost of the enhancement fees. Items that are extremely unique and are likely to be bought by a specific target market are not worth the advertising push, simply because the customer reach might be small and very limited. Consumers who are most likely to purchase these items will most probably put in the effort to search for them. And of course, the obvious one: don’t advertise products that are not doing well. You may think that the boost will make a difference, but that is unlikely. Look at other potential issues that could be causing the slow sales such as the unpopularity of the item, the quality of the listing or perhaps the uncompetitive price.

5. When is the perfect time to enhance my products?

You can promote your product at any time; however, there are particular times during the year when advertising can help you boost your sales even more. Here are some recommendations. In general, promoting your product around payday is a great time as consumers have money to spend.You just need to show them products they didn’t know they needed. Use specific holidays and popular retail landmarks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to punt your sales. Take a look at our retail calendar here for guidelines.

Themed holidays like Christmas and Halloween as well as popular days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day offer a great opportunity to sell specific items that are well suited to these particular holidays.

In conclusion, enhancements are a great tool to advertise your product and can be highly beneficial to your business. You just need to look at your margins and determine if it’s likely that you will benefit from them. Adding enhancements to your listings is as easy as clicking a button. If you would like more information about enhancements or need guidance through the process, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.