Why we love vintage


Vintage fashion is not for those looking for a quick-fix outfit. It’s for the fashion adventurer. You need skill to rummage around and find the right pieces, you need style to know how to put it all together, and you need patience to learn the look.

The end result, however, is an utter delight : a completely unique look, quality clothing that will last, and it’s light on your wallet.

Wearing vintage beautifully, demands a love of fashion and a flair for mixing old and new styles.

Here are some vintage pieces, paired with some modern ones to create lovely vintage looks; all found on bidorbuy.co.za

Cocktail Dress
Find a classic cocktail dress for a classic look
Vintage Dress
Find a gorgeous vintage dress and update it with modern accessories

Skinny jeans+Vintage
Pair skinny jeans with a vintage top and accessories
Vintage Cardigan
Find a vintage cardigan; they've made a comeback in modern fashion

Find beautiful vintage dresses and vintage clutch bags or have a look at our vintage clothing section on bidorbuy.co.za