Why use bidorbuy enhanced listing options


The more suspicious among you will say: aye, they are promoting them only because they make money out of them!

True, enhanced listings are one of sources of income for bidorbuy. And true again, one of the reasons we want you, the bidorbuy seller, to make use of the enhanced listing options is because we want to see our income increase.

But that is not the only reason. Trying to get money without giving value in return is not the bidorbuy style (nor is it a viable strategy for any business, but that is another subject entirely).

After studying the figures included in the Enhance your listings article, even the most distrustful will have to admit that the enhanced listing options really do lead to more visits and more sales.

When you decide to make use of enhanced listing options, make sure to splash out on the items that really are enhancement-worthy. Because, in the end, any advertising campaign, no matter how persistent or skilful, is only as effective as the underlying product itself.

It is also a good idea to carefully record all the data (the items listed, the items enhanced, the items sold) in a spreadsheet and closely monitor the results.

For more ideas on how to ensure the best start in life for your listings, read the entire (rather long) Enhance your listings article.

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