Recently won and bought on bidorbuy


Exactly 12,874 items have been sold on bidorbuy during the past week. They are listed in the Recently Won & Bought section. Both sellers and buyers will find it worth their while to browse though the merchandise listed there.

If you are a seller, the Recently Won & Bought tells you what others are selling and at what price. You may want to move in with similar items.

If you are a buyer, Recently Won & Bought gives you a chance to spy out what others are going for. And, as we all know, nothing is as desirable as the stuff the others desire.

This 2001 Jaguar has to be close to the top of the desirable items list. It was sold for R92,000, to the absolute delight of the buyer (the seller was a tad disappointed). Do keep an eye on the bidorbuy car auctions space: another desirable vehicle may materialise there in the coming weeks!

The next among the desireables are these two whisky bottles (with the whisky still inside), one from 1904 and the other form 1905. The buyer forked our R1400 for each. Presumably, not to drink the content, but to keep the bottles in a prominent place, price tag and all, and enjoy watching the faces of his visitors turn green with envy.

Talking of collectibles, a host of coins exchanged hands on bidorbuy during the past week. One of the pricier was this 1893 half pond South African coin.

At the other end of the pricing spectrum, this beautiful glass bowl was snatched up for R60, perhaps because of the chipped rim, which the seller conscientiously reported in the item description.

The list of the recently won and bought items on bidorbuy is changing from minute to minute. New items are constantly being added, many of them recruited from among 3000-odd items that are being offered on the bidorbuy Crazy Wednesday from R1 as you read this. Therefore, quit reading and head straight to the Crazy Wednesday page!