Why Infinite Warfare is the best Call of Duty yet!


Still sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?


Read on to find out why you’re missing out!


Call of Duty fans (noun):

a group of gamers who continuously shift the goalposts of success and ultimately, will never be satisfied with anything branded Call of Duty.

After a couple of months of playing the Call of Duty latest installment, Infinite Warfare, I feel it is high time to have a say on the most divisive game in the series’ history. It should be put out there from the beginning that I have been with the series since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or COD 4 as the hipsters like to call it. From the grenade launcher attachment and danger close perk era, to the quickscope montages, and then onto the Exosuits – I’ve seen it all.

Perk called danger close
The Danger Close Perk

Call of Duty is a name synonymous with captivating storytelling, incredible graphics and the best run and gun “boots on the ground” gameplay available. In the last few titles we have seen the emergence of the now infamous Exosuit or Thruster pack. This has basically allowed players to move around the map faster than in previous titles and has changed the way one views a gun fight.

Originally, players engaged one another on a horizontal battlefield with the enemy shooting at you head on, stabbing you in the back or crouching in the corner with a shotgun (noobs). Now with the use of the boosters, you can expect a showdown with an enemy from all directions, both horizontally and vertically. This has been all too much for the majority of COD fans who have given the new Infinite Warfare trailer the title of the most disliked game trailer on Youtube and second most disliked video, EVER!


Most disliked trailer for games
The most disliked game trailer on Youtube


But that negativity aside, let’s talk about the game…

I will go totally against the crowd and say this is by far the best Call of Duty game in the series. Never has each aspect – Campaign mode, Multiplayer mode and Zombies mode – been as exceptionally designed and developed and overall addictively entertaining as they are in Infinite Warfare.

You can see that every aspect of gameplay has been thoroughly thought through, from the story to the look and feel and even to the way each gun sounds! It is all quite frankly brilliant.

Infinite Warfare means business!

The Exosuit has been tweaked to provide a short thrust motion which adds to the already fast paced dynamic gameplay that we love about the Call of Duty franchise. The critics’ favourite go-to has actually become one Infinite Warfare’s greatest strengths.

The characteristically slick visuals we expect from a Call of Duty game are present and are sharper than ever. I can only image how enhanced this is if you’re playing on the PS4 Pro.

The thing I always look at (or rather listen for) are how the weapons sound and I was not disappointed! When you pull the trigger it sounds and behaves just like a real weapon would and it is mightily rewarding hearing that booming sound followed by your victims’ names popping up in the killfeed. There is a good balance between classic styled weapons and energy based weapons with well thought out perks and killstreaks.

Infinite Warfare loadout seletion

And the best part?

You never feel like you’re playing one of those “pew-pew” futuristic themed games. And that is important. This is a game so meticulously crafted that I’ve even considered purchasing the DLC pack – I know, who does that!? Paying more money for the same game, only it’s not quite the same. Each mode is so well done they could be sold as individual games.

Rave in the redwoods – The Zombie Mode DLC

One thing I recommend pairing with Infinite Warfare is a quality gaming headset. Remember that feeling when you got the chance to play on an HD screen for the first time? In exactly the same way, a good headset will change the way you experience your games.

If you’re ready to get your hands on this great game you can get your copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a brand new gaming headset and even the PS4 Pro or Xbox One S on bidorbuy now!