How to lighten scars and dark marks with natural ingredients
Clear skin


Most of us will not go through life without acquiring a bad scar from a nasty fall or accident. Puberty may also leave some nasty scars from bad acne. Sometimes skin ends up looking dull, blotchy and uneven from excessive exposure to the sun and the elements over the years. There is no need to rush to expensive spas for chemical peels, or dermatologists to get rid of these issues. Often, you may find that there are cheaper substitutes at home or local drugstore.




Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant. That means that it attaches to your skin cells easily, speeding up the cell regeneration process. Vitamin E has been known to benefit the body in many ways and many use it as a scar removal treatment. Vitamin E oil comes in bottles and capsules. If you intend to use this to treat dark marks and scars on your face, apply the oil at night to avoid walking around with oily skin. There are many creams with Vitamin E concentrate and these are made for scar or blemish removal purposes.


Cocoa butter

A natural product which helps to reduce the appearance of scars by moisturizing and softening the outer and middle layers of skin, while simultaneously smoothing out the surface of the skin.Cocoa butter has a distinct cocoa smell due to the cocoa extracts in it, which promote skin rejuvenation. Products which have this substance are great for smoothing the skin and diminishing dark marks, the overall effect being evenly toned, soft skin.


Lemon juice

Growing up, you would have been told about the wonders of lemon juice. This is a long-standing remedy that forms the main ingredient in most skin products because of its beneficial properties. Fresh lemon juice contains both vitamin C and natural alpha hydroxy acids. Together, these substances can provide natural healing power for scars. Therefore lemon juice is a popular home remedy for scar treatment. It will lessen the appearance of scars by acting as a bleaching agent to minimize redness, while also exfoliating to help skin regenerate.


Aloe vera

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it effective in the treatment of fresh scars (though it should not be applied to open wounds). Aloe vera gel is gleaned from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant. People have used it for centuries to treat skin infections, burns, wounds and other kinds of skin conditions.



Cucumber is a safe natural treatment which has been said to break down scar tissue while cooling and soothing any inflamed skin around the scar. This treatment will work better on fresh scars than on older ones. You could apply cucumber slices to the scars or use beauty creams with cucumber in them.


Olive oil

The oil works by softening and moisturizing the skin, causing the scar tissue to slacken, while acidity in the oil exfoliates the skin. There are many moisturisers and creams that have olive oil in them and are very good for removing marks and dark patches on the skin while leaving it conditioned.


With all treatments mentioned above, the best results are obtained if you start as early as possible. So, do not procrastinate!