Why does Facebook hide posts?


From time to time, we have to go to the Hidden posts area on the bidorbuy page on Facebook (no, you cannot see it – that’s the whole point of hiding them) and salvage perfectly innocent posts from there. Most of those posts are created by our sellers, with links to the items they sell on bidorbuy.

We had no idea why some messages on our page on Facebook are hidden. So we searched the internet for an answer. Here is the most comprehensive explanation we found:

Basically, hidden posts are the place where the stuff that Facebook considers as spam ends up. When deciding which posts to mark as spam, Facebook considers several factors: keywords, links, and the reputation of the person posting.

The reputation part works like this:

  • If you had lots of posts marked as spam in the past, your new posts more likely to be consigned to the hidden section. (Take note, sellers who post more than two-three times a day – you know who you are! – and force us to remove your posts!)
  • If you go and post the same thing on different pages on Facebook, your posts are also more likely to end up hidden.

That’s the theory. In practice, we’ve had first-time posts by our sellers end up in the hidden section, and they did not look like people who would go posting the same content all over Facebook.

If your post refuses to appear on the bidorbuy page on Facebook, do not get discouraged. Sooner or later, we’ll take a peek into the hidden nook and rescue your post from there (providing, of course, it is not your fourth post within the last 24 hours or so).

So, sellers, keep on posting links to interesting stuff you sell on bidorbuy! And buyers, share a link to the stuff you like on bidorbuy with the rest of us!