Who’s who in the bidorbuy zoo


Well after being in loads of trouble with a few colleagues of mine yesterday I thought I should blog about the current crime to which I have committed and make things right with my peeps.

Yesterday bidorbuy welcomed a new member to our team, Ati Pinto.
Welcome Ati!

With the staggering growth that bidorbuy has endured over the last 12 months, the number of users on the bidorbuy website has increased to a massive volume and thus with this wonderful growth that we have been lucky enough to experience Ati has joined us to assist the Customer Relations team with the growing number of support queries and client calls we receive every day.

For those of you who subscribe to the bidorbuy weekly newsletter you will see that I have included a mention of Ati having joined us so as to introduce him to the bidorbuy user base.

Not knowing that this would stir up a pot of prejudice, my colleagues expressed their unhappiness to me by stating that when they joined the company they did not receive a mention in the newsletter.  With that said I am pleased to introduce you to the bidorbuy team in full without leaving anyone out.

Firstly I would like to introduce you to Andy Higgins, bidorbuy MD. Andy has been with the company since inception and if there is anyone who is bidorbuy passionate, it is this man.

He is also pretty smart so if you choose a challenge with him, be sure to choose it wisely.

I would also like to introduce Cuan Akal, bidorbuy Operations Manager. Cuan joined bidorbuy roughly 4 months or so ago and he handles (ouch) all of us, as well as the day to day running of the office and the website. I feel it is quite a miracle that he is still around because the man has endured 4 months of hell. He really has been thrown in to the deep end in terms of attending to escalated queries and user problems.

Okay so now that the managers are out the way, I would like to introduce to you the rest of the team (in no particular order of preference).

Morne Booysen, bidorbuy Online Security Super-Star Watch Dog Hero Officer. By night Morne is a real officer of the law and puts his life on the line to keep South Africa safe. Sorry ladies, while eligible he is unfortunately not a bachelor and has a wife Sam and 2 beautiful kids, Andrea and Matthew.

Next up is Prabashnee Govender who forms part of the Customer Relations team and assists clients with user queries. Prabash became a first time mom on the 1st of September 2007 one day before my birthday after having a bumper bashing outside her local hospital. Sae-ann her new baby daughter was born at 8:50 pm on the 1st of September 2007 and weighed 3.57 Kg.

Sam Naidoo many of you will know, she has been here so long she is a part of the furniture. Sam heads up the Customer Relations department and ensures that everything is taken care of and runs smoothly. She is also bidorbuy designer and is in charge of creating all the banners and communications that you see from bidorbuy.

Marina Goodson Heads up our accounts department. She is also a Super mom and has 2 gorgeous sons. (She keeps refusing to set up a date for me with one of them, I can not imagine why??) Her oldest son has just matriculated and in fact got a couple of distinctions here and there. Congratulations Marina!!!  And if any one needs any sound parenting advice she is your lady to talk to.

Hendri Coetzee is next on the list and he manages the development and maintenance of the bidorbuy website. Hendri has also been here for forever and while he appears to be quiet and deep in thought, I suspect there is more to this man than he lets on… Looking forward to finding out ;”)

Johan du Toit, aka Mr bidorbuy is our business development and training manager. He hosts all of the selling seminars as well as assists users with getting started with trading on the bidorbuy website. Mr du Toit is a fun loving individual who enjoys long walks on the beach and playing fetch with his pet goldfish. Ladies this one is available as well as eligible so give me a shout and Ill be sure to put you in touch with our very own Mr bidorbuy.

Greg Wildman is our systems administrator and his name says it all. Greg owns and races a Porche, yes a real one and although its older than me, she still purrs like a kitten.

And then there is me, Camilla Patten, but you already know a lot about me so there is no need to go into any further details.

So that is the bidorbuy team in full for now but watch this space, I may be getting myself into more trouble in future with any additional recruits that join.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting all the bobbers that make bidorbuy what it is.

Thanks and have fun!