Introducing a new style of Advertising for 2008


bidorbuy has introduced a new style of advertising for 2008.

The new addition available is a text based advertising system whereby sellers can create 3 line text ads to promote either a single item or all of their items listed on bidorbuy. Sellers can choose from a number of different locations to display each ad, allowing your advertising efforts to be 100% targeted to the buyers you are trying to reach.

Sellers decide the daily fee they feel comfortable paying for their ad and how often they would like their ad to be displayed. Each time a page containing an ad location is displayed, the text ads will appear randomly, chosen from the pool of ads placed at that location. As with Google Ad words, each ad will have a chance of being selected however the selection is weighted depending on the amount each advertiser is prepared to pay for their ad to be displayed. I.e. the selection favours ads with higher daily spend. The higher the daily fee paid, the more often the advertisement will be displayed.

We are now offering this terrific advertising opportunity at a 50% reduced rate of the normal fee. Sellers can now partake in text advertising on bidorbuy at a rate of R2.50 per ad entrant. How far or how aggressively you decide to push your ad spend is entirely up to you.

In order to make use of this advertising you need to be a registered seller on bidorbuy.
Those of you who are sellers will be able to see what I’m talking about as I explain this further below;

  • Under the sellers tab in your y bidorbuy account, under the sales support section you will see a link to the list of Ad pages.
  • Fill in 1 to 3 lines of text; remember to take a look at our editorial guidelines before doing so to get a few tips on how best to write your ad.
  • Choose where you want your ad to link through to (the ad can link to all of your items listed on bidorbuy, or alternatively to one specific item in particular.)
  • Select the location or placement of where you want your text ad to be displayed, the number of days you would like the ad to display for as well as the amount that you wish to pay for each day that the ad will run.
  • Review the ad and make sure you have not made any spelling errors and have stuck to the editorial guidelines. If you are happy with your ad, select confirm and proceed to save your ad

The daily fee you select or specify will be charged to your bidorbuy fee account each day that that you ad is live on the website. You are able to stop the display of the ad early if you wish to do so and will only be charged according to the days that the ad was live for. And as always, bob’s your uncle.

Trust me, Google isn’t Google because of its catchy name, its because they have come up with a smart and beneficial way in which their clients can target their own customers in the most effective and obvious way possible. Our model is not much different and all that we are doing is providing you the seller with the option to target your customers in such a way that they simply wont be able to ignore you or your products.

Cummon Bobbers, climb on and fasten your seatbelts, because this marketing merry go round aint for the feint hearted.

Editorial Guidelines:
bidorbuy reserves the right to stop any ads that contravene the following guidelines. Should that occur, the Daily Fees that have been charged up until the ad is stopped will be charged and are non-refundable.

  1. Your ad must be clear and legible.
  2. Do not use excessive punctuation or capitalisation in your ad text.
  3. Only the English language may be used.
  4. No misleading or false statements are permitted. Nor are statements that cannot be clearly proven.
  5. Ads with spelling mistakes will not be tolerated.
  6. The ad must be relevant and appropriate for the location where it is displayed.
  7. Ads with adult content are not permitted outside the designated adult areas on the site.
  8. No contact details are permitted to be included in ads.
  9. bidorbuy Listing Policy applies to all ads and items listed.