What’s trendy in health and beauty


The answer to the question in the title could not be easier. Health and beauty are always trendy, and everything is trendy in health and beauty.

The experts agree that the never-ending quest for beauty and perfection bodes well for the health and beauty sector, even in the midst of an economic crisis. Here are some pertinent figures:

The spending on make-up, diet and exercise, fragrances, skin care, hair products, and cosmetic surgery adds up to about $160 billion-a-year worldwide. As is to be expected, the expenditure on these necessities varies widely across the globe. The biggest spenders are the French and the Japanese: each and every one of them spends about $230 dollars on health and beauty per year. This figure falls to $173 in the USA, $164 in Germany, and $4 in India.

There are noticeable variations in consumption patterns too. Europeans tend to spend mostly on fragrances and skin care. Asians care little for fragrances, but spend lots of money on skin care. The gross of beauty budget of Americans goes towards buying make-up.

Thus it is with the world.

As for bidorbuy, the won and bought figures for the first week in February seem to indicate that bidorbuyers adhere to the maxim that beauty comes form within. That is probably why they bought so many health and fitness products. The exercise equipment leads in this section, followed by spas and massage treatments.

The second most popular section was Hair Care, Shaving & Hair Removal. It seems that the only thing we want more that to have lush hair – is to remove it. According to the number of items sold during the first week of February, razors and hair removals lead over hair care and hair loss prevention by 21 to 5. (Of course, it’s not so much that we have too much hair, it’s that we have in the wrong places).

Both Fragrances for Her and Fragrances for Him sold well. Take note, ladies, the next time you are confronted with the eternal question: what to buy for him?

It also turns out that, just like Americans, South Africans are more ready to buy make-up and nail care products than skin care and tanning products. During the first week of February, 45 or the former were sold on bidorbuy, compared with 25 of the latter.