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On bidorbuy, you’ll always be able to find anything you need, and you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter what you’re looking for. No wonder we’ve become the one-stop-shop for online purchases. With so many options, we thought it would help if we narrowed it down to bring you the latest and greatest products on bidorbuy.

Grab a byte

Kill viruses and bacteria floating in the air or on your phone surface with a UV phone sanitiser. These portable devices are a must-have accessory this year and even allow you to charge your phone while disinfecting. Some phone sanitisers even offer a stress-busting aromatherapy function for those days when you get too many calls.

LED strip lights have caught the attention of many interior designers and DIY gurus. They use up to 50% less electricity than regular lighting and give you full control over the colour, length, brightness, and voltage. Most LED light strips come supplied with an adhesive backing for quick installation. They’re the perfect mix of easy-to-use functionality and decorative appeal. 

Make your car the star

Car humidifiers could be the solution if you’re an allergy sufferer. With the arrival of spring, the air fills with pollen and other allergens. Trying to counteract this with air conditioners and fans can make the air in your car drier, and actually make the situation worse. The benefits of car humidifiers go beyond just cleaning the air and making your car smell nice – they can also help prevent flu, keep your skin and hair moist and even reduce snoring at night. 

Cleaning slime might sound yucky but it’s become very popular thanks to being highly effective and dead simple to use. Simply push the slime into any corners that are full of hard-to-reach dust, and when you peel it away the dust should come with it. Cleaning slime works like a charm in difficult spots like air vents and cup holders. 

A foodie’s kitchen

We live in the era of the must-have water bottle, and the Hydro Flask is definitely having its moment. This sleek, insulated, colour-coated container is BPA-free, reduces plastic waste and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. What more could you ask for? Well, how about the limited edition series, stickers and accessories that make the Hydroflask the kind of water bottle you want to be seen carrying?

A Mini bag sealer is a portable vacuum sealing device that makes food storage simple. It can help preserve food, protect it from freezer burn, retain flavour and it’s the perfect way to marinate meat. 

Treat yourself

These ultrasonic face cleaning brushes are made from dirt- and germ-resistant silicone, making them much more hygienic than their bristle counterparts.  T-sonic pulsations gently but effectively reach your pores, removing dirt, sweat and makeup. Lots of bidorbuy shoppers have told us that this product has improved the texture of their skin and helped with increased absorption of skincare products. 

Although a Satin pillowcase may seem like a luxury item, once you’ve used one you’ll realise how essential they really are. Due to the minimal friction caused by satin, these pillowcases can prevent wrinkles and protect your hair while you sleep. If you’re feeling extra fancy you can even try out a silk pillowcase, which feels just as good as it sounds! 

The joy of toys

Stretchy sand is a new and fun sensory toy that kids absolutely love. It is basically a combination of kinetic sand and slime, which makes it easy to shape and mould. It’s great for many reasons but to mention a few, it does not stain, it does not dry out and it’s a great stress reliever. 

Nothing says spring quite like a back garden water balloon fight, but it always seems like you spend more time filling the balloons than you do throwing them. With instant water balloons, you can fill 100 water balloons in 60 seconds, so you’re guaranteed to be the water balloon fight champion!

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