Wednesday auctions are CraZy!!!


Hey hey it’s Wednesday!!!
But its not just any ordinary Wednesday, today is
Crazy Wednesday on bidorbuy.
Oh what is it that you say? You don’t know what Crazy Wednesday is?
No worries, that is why I am here to explain it to you and why you should be as excited as I am.

Every Wednesday bidorbuy presents shoppers with Crazy Wednesday bargain items.
All Crazy Wednesday listings are auction items with the highest paying bidder winning the item.
These are listed with a starting price of R1 and no reserve price is assigned to any of these promotional items.

You are welcome to visit the bidorbuy site and check out all of the items listed in the Crazy Wednesday promotion by selecting the text link displayed on the home page in the Don’t Miss Out box that reads: Crazy Wednesday Auctions at R1 No Reserve. Remember that these auctions open between 12 noon every Tuesday and are all closed by 12 midnight every Wednesday and listing times for each item will vary during this period.

Any user is able to browse through the items listed on bidorbuy without having to register first. Once you have found an item that you wish to purchase or bid on, only at this point will you be required to register with us. Registration is free, easy to follow and takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.

Once you have registered yourself on the site, you will then receive a verification e-mail which will activate your buyers account on bidorbuy.
Once this is done you are free to place bids and purchase any item you are interested in.

Be sure to read the item descriptions carefully and ensure that you are fully aware of all listed details pertaining to the item in question.
If you are unsure about anything you are able to contact the seller via the Q and A section of any listing.

During every phase of the auction process the bidorbuy system will keep you informed.
Should someone place a higher bid than yours, you will receive a notification explaining that you have been outbid.
If you are the winning bidder you will also receive a notification explaining that you have won the item you have bid on and what is required of you next.

If you are the winning bidder the final steps of the process is simple.
Login and go to your buyers page.
You will see that the item you have won will require an order to be processed for it.
While completing your order you will received the sellers details and all other information required to complete you purchase.

Once you have paid for your item and the funds are reflecting in the sellers account, the independent seller will proceed to ship your item according to your shipping specifications during the order process.
And Bob’s Your Uncle!

There are currently 1363 items listed in the Crazy Wednesday promotion this afternoon, all of which have opened with a starting price of R1 and none of them have a reserve price.

Every Wednesday at bidorbuy is a CraZy so be sure to keep coming back to take advantage of the awesome bargains up for grabs!