We have a winner!


bidorbuy is proud to announce the R50 000 winner for the Crazy for Cash competition.

We would firstly like to extend a huge Thank You to all those who entered into this exciting bidorbuy competition. You made the judges final decision a difficult call to make but at the end of the day there could be only 1…

Congratulations to Matthew Marais for his brilliant submission entitled Crazy Mouse.
You sir have been dubbed the Craziest For Cash!

We enlisted the help of the public through voting, 5FM as well as a panel of judges selected from bidorbuy in order to short list and select a final winner.It’s a bit of a shame reaching the end of the competition and only being able to give 1 prize away, as all of the entries that bidorbuy received were out of this world hilarious!
I decided to post a blog detailing a top 5 list and give credit where it’s due.
Although there could only be 1 winner where the judges decision was the ultimate and final decision, all of these guys deserve the kudos.Coming is at a close 2nd was Because Bid or Buy Loved Me Uploaded by ayb_bleek

3rd Place goes to The Story of Us 3 by Devon

4th Place goes to Producing A Hit. Uploaded by AvivH

And 5th place goes to Bid or Buy Auction Addiction Uploaded by almannAs with all competitions it’s always difficult to give 1 prize away to 1 person but we have done everything to ensure a legitimate and weighted judgment was made.
As mentioned above, we requested that the public vote for their favorite video or pic to which we received a good indication of what we were looking at. Although we enlisted the public, we also requested the assistance from 5FM who were outstanding in helping us out in making a fair and well judged decision. Based on the feedback from the public as well as 5FM we created a short list of 15 video’s and pic’s. The bidorbuy judges were then presented with this list from which they had to select a final winner. Thank you to all the judges and all involved in the voting process, without your help we would never have been able to come to a final decision.Check these clips and more on www.crazyforcash.co.za

Thanks again to all those that entered and to those who went the extra mile in making their video’s and pics bidorbuy CRAZY!