Wedding ideas: colour schemes


Looking for some inspiration for your wedding colour scheme? Modern convention says that you don’t have to go with the usual white-and-an-accent-colour combination. Beautiful colour schemes using bright colours or a combination of various muted hues have become increasingly popular at wedding parties.

Your best bet is to choose a colour that you love and find a few good hues to match it. Below are some wedding palette ideas that might help you.

A very pretty pinkish peach is a beautiful, feminine choice for your wedding. Traditional ivory — rather than pure white — adds to the warmth of the combination, while accents in pale gold will add an understated regality. If you are thinking of the traditional fare in the church hall, this makes a gorgeous colour combination

Muted shades of brown creates a chic rustic feel and works very well for outdoor weddings. Use a greyish white to match the earthiness of the browns, and brighten the scheme with a bright aqua blue (blue and brown are a match made in heaven) to give it character. If you’ve decided to have a woodsy wedding, this colour combination is easy and beautiful.

Wedding colour schemes are often kept on the safer side, with pale colours. If you love bright colours but feel that they might be inappropriate at your wedding, opt for the dusty version of bright shades. In this colour scheme we’ve combined a dusty blue and a creamy white, and added a rich plum for warmth. We love this colour combination, but it might be because it reminds us of a blueberry sundae.

This colour scheme may seem to be quite daring, but if you’re going for a playful wedding party; opting for cupcakes instead of a seven-tiered tower, and a tea-length dress instead of a meringue, you might consider going for a candy store dream theme in muted shades.

When using two bright colour in a wedding scheme, it’s best to use both of them as accent colours in equal parts and let the base colour, which is white here, stand centre stage. Imagine white table cloths with little violet, green-leafed flowers and chairs with soft green and violet sashes to bring the colour through.

Let the special things at your wedding bring the sunshine in by making them a bright happy yellow. The flowers, such as tulips or daisies, and the cake ribbon make for great accent pieces, utilising the gorgeous combination of yellow and grey, while the rest of the décor remains traditional white.

Add some character to your wedding theme by using a bright fuscia pink, a stark bright white and a dark navy blue. Use a 60%, 30%, 10% colour distribution (white, navy, fuscia respectively) when using this theme because of how overwhelming the colours are.

Do you have any ideas for your wedding colour scheme? Or has your wedding day gone by, but you think you had the most beautiful combination? Let us know.